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Tooth Extractions – Flint, MI

Building a
Healthier Smile

At Healthy Smiles Dental Care, we understand that there’s no replacement quite like your natural, home-grown tooth. That’s why we always do what we can to preserve them. However, in some cases, tooth extractions from our Flint, MI dentist are the only way we’re able to save your smile. Don’t fret about having a gap in your smile for long though, because we offer beautiful, customized restorations that look and function like your natural pearly whites.

Why Choose Healthy Smiles Dental Care for Tooth Extractions?

X-ray of smile with impacted wisdom tooth before extraction

Why Might I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Metal clasp holding an extracted tooth

There are several reasons in which you may require a tooth extraction, including some of the following scenarios:

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Animated smile with impacted wisdom tooth

Not everybody is born with wisdom teeth, but for those who are, you’ll likely need them removed between the ages of 17 and 25. Today, our third molars don’t serve as significant purpose, and in many cases, they pose an infection and oral health risk if there’s not enough room in the mouth to allow them to grow in or they’re lodged below the gumline. In these cases, we’ll recommend having them taken out to prevent serious issues from arising down the road.

Tooth Extraction FAQ’s

Pyramid of wooden letter blocks that spells FAQ

Even when it’s the best choice for your oral health, you may feel a bit nervous or have questions about tooth removal. That is totally understandable! We love sharing our knowledge with patients to help address their concerns and guide them toward making the right decisions for their smile. That is why we have collected some of the most common questions about tooth extractions and answered them below. Check out this handy FAQ section, and do not hesitate to reach out to our office if you have any further questions.

Does Removing a Tooth Hurt?

You should experience little to no pain at all during a dental extraction at Healthy Smiles Dental Care! Before beginning the extraction procedure, your dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. For more complex extractions or if dental procedures make you anxious, multiple dental sedation methods are also available.

Extractions are designed to relieve pain caused by dental problems. If you are feeling anxious about getting a tooth removed, do not hesitate to let your dentist know. Delaying an extraction will only allow problems to grow worse and may eventually lead to an urgent trip to an emergency dentist in Flint.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

While the length of recovery varies from person to person, the initial healing period after extraction usually lasts one to two weeks. Immediately following the extraction procedure, you should plan on taking it easy and letting your body rest. Stick to eating soft foods like soup, applesauce, and yogurt for the first few days and avoid drinking through a straw.

You may experience some swelling and mild pain right after a dental extraction. Taking prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication as directed by your dentist can help reduce any discomfort. Applying an icepack to your face off and on for a few minutes at a time can also help.

Should I Replace My Missing Tooth After Extraction?

Wisdom teeth are not necessary to maintain a fully functional mouth, so they do not need to be replaced. However, in most other situations, replacing a missing tooth can not only boost your appearance but also benefit your health. Having a full set of teeth makes it easier to eat the balanced, nutritious diet that your body needs. In addition, replacing missing teeth can prevent potential bite problems from developing. Finally, a full smile is an important part of feeling confident and making good first impressions. At Healthy Smiles Dental Care, we use high-quality materials to craft custom, natural-looking restorations to replace missing teeth.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Tooth Extractions?

While every plan is different, dental insurance usually covers 50-80% of tooth extractions. Before getting a tooth removed, be sure to confirm your coverage with your insurance provider. Need help? Our expert team will be happy to assist you! We accept virtually all PPO dental insurance plans and always work with patients to maximize their insurance benefits.
If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry. We offer convenient dental financing for patients without traditional insurance coverage. Instead of paying for an extraction or other treatment up-front, our financing plan allows you to break up the cost into smaller monthly payments that fit within your budget. Ask our staff for more details!

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