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TMJ/TMD Therapy – Flint, MI

Addressing Pain & Dysfunction
in the Jaw Joints

At Healthy Smiles Dental Care, jaw pain, clicking and popping jaw joints, and lock jaw are all considered dental emergencies. This is because these can have a drastic impact on your life and cause severe pain when you least expect it. When the two joints that connect either side of your jaw to your skull, known as the temporomandibular joints, aren’t functioning properly and causing you discomfort, you likely have what’s known as TMJ dysfunction. To learn more, get a diagnosis and begin TMJ/TMD therapy in Flint, MI, schedule a visit with Dr. Rodriguez today.

Why Choose Healthy Smiles Dental Care for TMJ/TMD Therapy?

Woman in need of T M J therapy holding cheek in pain

Diagnosis & Treatment

Model skull and jawbone used to diagnose T M J dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction, also referred to as TMD, affects an estimated 10 million Americans, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. However, a substantial amount of those people have never been diagnosed with the condition. This is primarily due to the fact that many people aren’t aware of the symptoms of TMD or that it even exists! If you experience jaw pain or any of these other common signs, contact our dental office today for a diagnosis:

Occlusal Splints

Patient placing an occlusal splint

Once diagnosed with the condition, our team will develop a customized treatment plan to help provide you with lasting relief and protection. We offer occlusal splints, which are nighttime orthotic devices that you place in your mouth to gently align the jaw and prevent grinding and clenching. This way, you can wake up feeling refreshed and without any jaw and facial pain. The appliance will also keep you from clenching and grinding your teeth.

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